Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hey everyone
29th oct 
After my night flight from Bejing I finally land in singapore at around 11pm and really looking forward to getting in a bed to sleep. It's been 2 nights that I haven't slept in a bed and I am so ready fir some good sleep and to wake up refreshed to start the day.
I am checked in , unpacked, showered and ready for bed. Goodnight!

30th Oct
I woke up early 630am went and had breakfast then back to bed for more sleep!
At 2 pm someone was coming to meet me to show me around the city so I was looming forward to that 
Singapore is such a clean city with beautiful architecture with the modern mixed with the old.
The symbol that has become synonymous with Singapore is the hotel with 2 towers and then a boat like structure on top that spans the 2 towers. Quite incredible and at the top is a swimming pool and restaurant.

Singapore is also a shoppers paradise with do many beautiful malls and high end stores.
The city has so much history and most  everyone speaks English and taxis and eating out is very inexpensive .
My friend took me to eat at a "local" food court where he wanted me to try a local dish frogs legs . I was game and they arrived in a pot in a rich gravy and it was pretty spicy. The meat was good but it was hard for me to forget what I was actually eating. Another dish one has to try us the chicken fried rice and fruit called Durion found nowhere else . Another speciality are the restaurants they have there which just make dishes from pork including the intestines and anything else you can imagine. 
I had a great day exploring the city
Chat with you tomorrow
 Take care Gayle

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