Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello EveryBody

Hey everybody
sorry its been a while but seems like after all of my trips I had to do a lot of catching up and then the holidays and new year and I cannot believe we are already into February.
I will be on here with a blog at least weekly.
Ok let me catch you all up with my plans for 2012.
I am in preparation right now for competing this year hopefully in Toronto in June, Hartford and Tampa . I will be staying with womens bodybuilding until the Federation decides how they are judging the new Physique.
I am working with Dusty Henshaw here in Scottsdale and here is preparing my workout programs and my diet. He is a top amateur and owner of The House of Fitness supplement stores.
I have also moved gyms and training at Freedom Fitness in Cave Creek about 10mins form my house so very convenient and the equipment they have is great especially leg equipment everything you could possibly think of!
Another great Pro trains at the gym Rusty Jeffers, he trained with Lee Priest when he lived in Scottsdale, so its great to watch another Pro prepare for a show which he has coming up very soon in CA and he will do really well.
I had a killer leg work out yesterday and had to crawl out of the gym to my car and rode my horse yesterday afternoon and had a job getting on his back lol
The Phoenix Open golf tournament is on here in town so hoping to go to that tomorrow , Saturday , and also car shopping.
So I hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe

enjoy everyday Gayle