Monday, May 14, 2012

Hey everybody
Today is Monday 14 May 2012 at 8am and  I am on a train from Venice to Rome. The weather is beautiful and the train is packed, thank god I had an assigned seat. I am sitting next to a moody Italian , who was occupying my seat and not happy about having to move to his OWN seat. Actually every time the train stops its like a game of who is sitting in the wrong seat lol
Here is a quick rundown of my trip. Wednesday I was in Brussels, Belguim. The weather was cool with some rain.
Thursday I took the train to Paris, only 1 hour and 40mins. There the weather was hot and humid.
Friday I flew to Geneva, Switzerland the only place on my Europe trip I have not been before.
The weather was beautiful and the view flying into Geneva was spectacular over the lake with the mountains in the background.
To get to the town of Geneva you can catch the train for free if you pick up a ticket in baggage claim. I don't know of many places where you can get free transport from the airport to anywhere, apart from hotel shuttles in the USA.
Once I checked into my hotel and rested for an hour I walked down to Lake Geneva.  From there you can take ferries to the waterfront or to Old Towne or you can walk across one of three bridges. I decided to walk. Oh yes another thing I received from the hotel was a transportation card with which I could travel free on any bus, tram, ferry or train within Geneva. This place is wonderful for tourists. 
I walked along the lake and into the old part of the city which has great shopping, very high end shops, cafes and restaurants. Many people were sitting outside enjoying the weather.
Saturday  I flew to Barcelona, Spain approx a 80 minute flight where again the weather was beautiful. The Spanish Grand Prix was on over the weekend. That's Formula 1 racing.
Sunday it was onto Venice, the most romantic city in europe. If you haven't been you need to go before it is lost to the water. Hopefully that never happens as the venetians are implementing many plans to try to prevent the water from taking over
As I said today I am on my final leg of my trip to Rome on the train, which at every stop more people get on and I have no idea where they are all sitting.
The sun is out and its going to be another beautiful day in Europe.
 Enjoy your day!
Safe travels Gayle.

The pictures are of me sitting by a fountain in the park.
Lake Geneva water front and a building in the old town.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello from sunny England
here I am on my first European trip of the year, its a bit later than normal, but I won't be back until after my show in August.
I arrived last Tuesday and spend 2 great days in London. Love it there and the whole city is gearing up for the Olympics. I have thought about coming but there are no tickets available for events as they were sold on a lottery system but I would love to see the opening ceremony but it would e impossible to get tickets for that part of the Olympics.
Since Friday I have been in Norwich , and I have done absolutely nothing except relax and watch tv, so I feel like a lazy bum and definatley ready to get back home to my "life".
Tomorrow, Wed 9th May, I leave on the train from London that goes under the English Channel for Brussels. From there I go tot Paris, Geneva, Barcelona,Venice and Rome then back home on the 15th.
I will send some updates on my trip as I travel.
Be safe and chat with you soon