Monday, April 9, 2012

"Bull For Boobs"

" I live in the town of Cave Creek AZ, and every Friday we have bull riding at one of the local bars "The Buffalo Chip"
On one of these nights 2 Professional Bull Riders came along
and one was able to get pics taken with them. So , I asked if I could get my pic taken and I showed a bicep and said "No way you will show me up" and he laughed, but Cody " hell yea and put in a headlock too" and with that I said " You know I charge for that?" and preceded to put him a headlock.
The guys were so much fun.

2 weeks later and at the same place there was a fundraiser for breast cancer  "Bulls for Boobs" which explains the pic with the bull in a bra lol

The last week of March 2012 was AZ Bike Week with events all over the valley for motorcycle fans and riders and on a Sunday night Brett Michaels held a concert at a local Scottsdale Harley dealership which used to be called Hacienda Harley and was recently purchased by the owner of 'Go Daddy".
One of the sponsors there was Jack Daniels and they had Promo girls walking around and were getting people to have their pic taken. So I asked if I could pose in front of their banner and the girls stepped aside and said they didn't want me to show them up, and they preceded to put Jack Daniels patches on my biceps. I love the pic! It can also be found on Facebook for Jack Daniels