Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 2012

Good Evening
its March 8th 2012 and just wanted to update everyone on my last month of travel.
I was in Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg early Feb and boy was it cold but not nearly as cold as it can be so I was very thankful as since I have been in AZ 7  years so my tolerance for the old has decreased significantly.
Then in the middle of March I did a small midwest tour of St Louis and Des Moines so a relatively slow travel month for me.
I guess you all know I have a passions for horses so Feb 16th was the start of the huge Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale so needless to say I had to go and check it out.
Now coming into March I am training really hard and today 9th March was my leg work out day and for the first time ever I could not make it through the complete work out so headed back to the gym to finish it off tonight.
Just got back on 5th March from Texas where I was in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio and of course Houston where there was the Houston Livestock Rodeo which I was lucky enough to attend. My dear friend of 13 years , Toni, who had just moved from OH to TX came and met me there and we had a suite and watched the Rodeo and after Lady Antebellum. What an awesome night!!
I think that catches you all up to date and hopefully from here on I will give a weekly update of what is going on with my training, and travels.
Stay strong!!

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